A History of Well-Executed Projects from Tera Projects & Shipping

We are pleased to approve Tera Projects & Shipping Sdn Bhd as new members in Malaysia. With their head office in Klang, Selangor, the company is focussed on heavy transportation, heavy industrial moves and heavy lift chartering.

Executive Director, Dennis Tan states; “With a history of successful, well-executed projects, Tera Projects & Shipping is incorporated in Malaysia and strategically located within the proximity of Northport and Westport as well as various maritime authorities, inland container depots with strategic control centers and business affiliates. Our speciality of heavy transportation includes heavy haulage, out-of-gauge transport, abnormal loads, special and heavy transport of oversized and project cargo, movement of all high, wide and heavy cargo, barging, breakbulk, RORO, heavy lift chartering, customs documentation, route surveys, secure storage, craning, jacking and lifting services and transhipment services. We also have the knowledge to propose the most suitable trucks and trailers in moving difficult cargo depending on the sizes and weights. Proper planning and risk analysis such as height barriers, high tension areas, camden, gradient and ground pressure, proper lashing and securing and rolling and tipping effects are among the basic yet critical criteria that we carefully oversee and manage.

We are a specialist in the removal, installation and transportation of industrial plants and machinery. Our years of experience in this sector means we have gained an unrivalled reputation for our quality of service. From single machine installations to a complete factory move, we ensure our clients and partners are able to benefit from the expertise and professionalism developed over many years.

With our in-house ship-brokering capabilities and a wide network of heavy lift ship owners, we are also proficient in chartering vessels of any size gearing upto 5,000tns per lift. Our clients range from those in the oil & gas, power generation and equipment, heavy engineering (press machines, cranes and accessories), renewable and infrastructure markets as well as oil refineries and equipment, yachts, boats and many other oversized and overweight cargo.

Our focus on real solutions, years of experience, the number of projects we have carried out and serving a wide range of industries and clients means you can rely on our extensive know-how and we look forward to assisting PCN members in achieving successful business in Malaysia”

Tera Projects & Shipping have recently completed a plant decommissioning project which is in the full article. The Petronas Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) Plant Decommissioning Project at Kerteh in the Terengganu State of Malaysia involved Tera transferring close to 16,000frtn of cargo from the project site to Kemaman Port for loading. There were many oversized and heavy units among the dismantled items such as reactors, vessels, tanks and silos. After conducting a detailed route survey, Tera identified the best possible route to transport the oversized items, some of which were up to 8m in diameter, to the Kemaman storage yard and finally to Kemaman Port.

Jagan at Tera explains; “We started the journey at the project site around 23:00 with a police escort and arrived at the storage yard the next morning at around 08:00, taking 9 hours to complete the whole journey (approximately 45km). Traffic lights removal, electricity cables removal, telecommunication cables removal, tree trimming, road levelling and the shut down of high-tension cables were executed during the convoy.”

Please click here to view a detailed and impressive video of the project.

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