How to Join Project Cargo Network

We have limited vacancies at Project Cargo Network and are proud to offer our Members many innovative membership benefits including customised brochure websites, based on company specific URLs. Other benefits include an invitation to our Annual Summit; access to our Smartphone Service; Email Communication Service; Customised Marketing Brochure; Full time network administration support; Capped non exclusivity (only 3-5 Members per country); Membership Rules compliance; Inclusion in PCN World Maps; access to PCN Mailing List; Quote Request system; Annual Quality Control Survey and use of the PCN logo.

One of the reasons that there has been such huge interest in PCN lies in the current world trend for green energy and the substantial investment in clean energy technology. This is providing a rapid increase in business opportunities for project cargo specialists who have the required capabilities in the supply chain management of oversize plant and equipment.

Q: Would I be asked to terminate my existing relations with agents?
A: No, absolutely not. We understand that it can take years to establish relations with agents so you are not required to annul long-standing agency relationships. There are no obligations. We just ask that when new business comes in, you request rates from your PCN overseas partners.

We do not charge a fee for applying or joining or for additional branch offices within same country. Our Members simply pay an Annual Fee of GB £1000.

If you would like to join, click here to see if your country is available and if so, please complete our online Application Form.

Due to our Capped Non-Exclusivity policy, we will not recruit more than 3 Members in each country (5 Members in USA, Brazil, Australia, Canada, India, China & Turkey). Therefore, we are only able to offer the above package to a limited number of companies.

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