Integral Move Transformers for Renaico Wind Power Plant

Integral Chile S.A., PCN representatives of Chile since June 2012, have successfully completed the transport of transformers for a Wind Power project in the north of Chile.

In partnership with an agent in China, Integral were nominated to do a maritime transport and DAP service from Shanghai to the Enel Green Power company’s park in Sierra Gorda, near to Calama in the Atacama desert.

Ms Elena Zapata, General Manager at Integral Chile S.A., explains; “The plant is located over 370 KMS from the arrival port and due to the size and weight of the transformers, the journey to the plant took 5 days as speed restrictions of 40 KMS per hour with a police escort, as per road permits, only allowed us to advance a few hours per day and during the weekend we were not permitted to move. Each shipment consisted of one 109 tons transformer + 4 trucks + 4 flat bed trucks with 110 tons – 320 CBM of accessories and spare parts. Our job was supervision at arrival port, move from port up to the jobsite, discharge of all accessories and mounting of the main body. A lot of people were involved in this job, engineers and risk assessment professionals because in this case the service included the mounting , which is not a usual service required, so, as of now we can add a new service at the disposal of our clients and partners!”

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