Kamor Handles Another Delivery for Tel Aviv Railway Project

Kamor Logistics (members in Israel) have completed another delivery of light railway vehicle modules for the Tel Aviv Light Railway Project – Red Line.

12 modules, to be linked into 6 railway cars, arrived at Ashdod in Israel at the end of July onboard M/V Yu Rong from Tianjin, China. The units were then discharged using the port cranes working in tandem. The cars arrived in modules allowing for road transportation with the longer units measuring 20.20 x 2.65 x 3.60m (31tn) and the shorter units at 14.60 x 2.65 x 3.60m (22.4tn).

Kamor Logistics discharged the units onto low-bed extendable trailers and delivered them to the project’s main depot, 50km from the port. At the site, the units were discharged using a hydraulic 200mt SWL crane and coupled onto the rails. The completed cars where then shunted to storage by the receivers allowing for the next car to be assembled.

This consignment was the 4th of its kind for Kamor Logistics in the past 9 months (click here to read about the 1st delivery). To date, they have now handled the safe and successful delivery of 16 out of a contracted total of 90 rail cars.

Please click here to watch a short video of the operations.

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.


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