Kamor Logistics Delivers First Lot of High Voltage Cable Drums

Members in Israel, Kamor Logistics have successfully completed the delivery of the first lot of high voltage cable drums. The shipment included the first 12 out of a total of 90 high-value drums to be delivered for the project.

The special high voltage cables are to be laid underground in a new electricity line crossing the Israeli Negev Desert through a scenic nature reserve.

The drums are each 380cm in diameter and about 18mts in weight as pictured above. They were stowed as pairs on 40′ flat-racks and shipped from Haiphong in Vietnam to Ashdod in Israel by Hanjin Logistics using Maersk Lines. Kamor Logistics then provided the local services of clearance, land transport and discharging at the receivers’ premises.

Kamor Logistics are focused on large-scale local and international infrastructure projects as well as heavy-loads and odd-sized shipments.

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