KGE Baltic Delivers Industrial Equipment to Uzbekistan

The projects team at KGE Baltic recently handled the delivery of industrial equipment to Qarshi, Uzbekistan.

The project consisted of:

  • 2 x low-bed trailers each with control cabin at 45,200kg / 17.0 x 4.3 x 3.9m
  • 2 x flat-bed trailers each with walkaway at 26,700kg / 12.19 x 2.44 x 2.59m
  • 1 x tilt trailer
  • 1 x tilt trailer with extended roof for IMCO cargo with 3.09m height

KGE’s scope of work began on collection of the cargo as explained by Arseniy Langfrid (Operations Manager); “We positioned empty trailers, which arrived at Bari Port in Italy from Turkey by RO-RO vessel, and the cargo was loaded on special trailers. Our client had requested the survey report to be done at 4 points on the routing to make sure that the cargo was safe and sound. So, we organised the reports to be done by SGS company, as per the clients requirements, as the cargo is very sensitive and high-valued. After the implementation of all necessary procedures, we sailed to Yalova Port in Turkey from Bari.

After the vessels arrival in Yalova, we repeated the survey and directed all trucks for storage in a Turkey warehouse as the TR-GE border obligated a 14 day quarantine for drivers due to COVID-19. Two weeks later, we arranged the reloading from the warehouse onto trucks and implemented a survey report for the third time accordingly to the customer’s requirements.

The trucks then drove, via the GE border, straight to Baku Port in Azerbaijan where another SGS survey report was completed before embarkment to the Port of Kuryk, Kazakhstan. On arrival at Kuryk, the last survey report was organised before leaving for the final destination in Qarshi where the delivery to consignee was completed successfully.”

Despite COVID-19 quarantine challenges, the job was done with minimal issues and the cargo arrived safe and sound at the job site. The well-qualified team at KGE made all necessary plans to solve any issues which appeared.

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