KGE Baltic Handle Heavy & Oversized Multimodal Shipment

KGE Baltic have handled a multimodal shipment (road-sea-road) delivering heavy and oversized industrial equipment from a warehouse in Dunkirk in France to the Pustinnoe Field in Balkhash City, Kazakhstan.

The OOG cargo consisted of 2 x MF2473 Metso Screens (dismantled to 8 parts) with the units measuring as follows:

  • 2 at 8.90 x 3.40 x 3.93m / 21,400kg
  • 2 at 7.85 x 2.00 x 3.16m / 7,700kg
  • 2 at 3.48 x 2.93 x 2.10m / 2,930kg
  • 2 at 3.08 x 2.78 x 1.40m / 1,730kg

The rest of the shipment consisted of standard dimensions units which were delivered by FTL truck. The multimodal shipment was transported to St. Petersburg Port for shipping before the OOG and FTL trucks continued onto Balkhash after customs procedures.

Operations Manager at KGE, Arseniy Langfrid comments; “Before the shipment started, we sent our subcontractor to visit the loading site to check the cargo and ensure that everything matched according to the shipping documentation. As always, we took extra care to observe the condition of the cargo and take regular photo reports, sending daily dispositions and strongly following the safety rules from the consignee.”

The transportation and entire project ran smoothly and successfully with no delays or damages. The cargo was safely delivered and KGE’s reliable services fully met with the satisfied customer’s requirements.

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