KGE Baltic with Transport of 2 Heavy Valves for Mining Industry

KGE Baltic were recently invited by their regular customer to transport two very heavy valves for the mining industry to be delivered to the end user at the KAZ Minerals site in Aktogay, Kazakhstan, via customs in Astana. Each of the 2 units had a weight of 75,000kg and dimensions of 440 x 215 x 250.

The transportation was performed smoothly and successfully by carefully respecting the manufacturer’s lifting and securing instructions. Both units were delivered by a multimodal solution (road + sea + road) with photo reports sent to the client at each stage. The cargo transshipment was controlled by their agents and KGE made every effort to complete the job with no issues or delays.

The customer was left very pleased with the high professionalism of the KGE Baltic team and the complete success of the safe and quick transportation.

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