M-Star Freight Services manage transport of 137T & 80T Heat Exchange Reformers

M-Star Freight Services b.v. (the Netherlands) was contracted by a multinational EPC contractor to manage the logistics and transport of several oversized and heavy weight parts. Details are follows:

  • Origin: Czech Republic
  • Destination: India
  • Final purpose: Modernization of an oil refinery in India
  • Period: Q4/2017
  • Cargo: Heat Exchange Reformer
  • Largest parts: Column with a length of 2040cm, diameter of 395cm. Weight: 137 ton and Frame with a length of 1860cm, width 362cm, height 328cm, Weight: 80 ton

Jan Euwema, Business Development Manager says “highly critical in this operation was the strict timeframe required by the client: to deliver the goods from the North East of Czech Republic to a laydown area in Mumbai India within maximum 6 weeks.”

All possible transport modalities were combined to make the transportation happen: exceptional road transport, river barge, heavylift vessel, portal and floating cranes. Guided by local police the cargo was transported during several nights from the Czech Republic to Slovakia. Via the river Danube the parts sailed to Romania where it was loaded on a heavy lift vessel destined for Mumbai , India.

In excellent cooperation with PCN partner Express Global Logistics, the port handling in Mumbai was prepared and executed.

M-STAR’s scope of work included Special Road transport from Czech Rep. to Slovakia; Heavy Lift, Port Handling & Export Customs Clearance; Lashing, Securing & Welding; Marine Survey; Chartering of River barge and Heavy Lift vessel; Custom Clearance; Transshipment in the port of Mumbai by ship cranes and floating crane; Loading , lashing & securing at Exceptional trailers in India; Delivery to laydown area Mumbai.

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