M-Star Freight Services Showcase Their Recent Projects

M-Star Freight Services are PCN members in the Netherlands and Georgia. They have decades of experience in handling large-scale project transportation movements for the oil and gas industry, power plants and many other heavy industries. M-Star are pleased to share 3 recent projects successfully completed as outlined below:

Petrochemical Plant:
M-Star was contracted by a large EPC company to manage the delivery of many heavy parts for a petrochemical plant. The cargo included a very long ‘Pre-Demethanizer Column’ with dimensions of 33m x 3.9m x 3.9m weighing 99tns as pictured above.

The cargo was moved from Bucharest in Romania to Kstovo in the Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia. Business Development Manager, Jan Euwema describes the difficulties faced; “The road conditions were extremely bad at the destination, which was an extra challenge for M-Star to create an exceptional solution! The local roads were repaired and extended – all managed by M-Star and our local partners”. M-Star’s scope of work included:

  • Special Road transport to Port of Constanta
  • Heavy Lift, Port Handling & Export Customs Clearance
  • Lashing & Securing
  • Marine Survey
  • Chartering of Sea-River Vessel via Black Sea and Volga River
  • Canal System to Nizhny Novgorod
  • Import Custom Clearance
  • Transshipment to RO/RO River Barge
  • Transport by River Barge to Jetty Near Petrochemical Plant
  • Transshipment to Special Trailers
  • The Preparation and Repair of Local Roads
  • Delivery to Site

Oil Refinery Project:
M-Star was contracted by another large EPC company to manage the logistics and delivery of a complete ‘Reforming Technology Block’ as part of a large oil refinery.

The contract was on a lump-sum turnkey basis and the cargo was handled from various locations in China, Egypt, Europe, India, Mexico and the USA to Tuapse in the Krasnodar Krai region of Russia. The long project involved around 18,000mt of cargo with the largest part being a reactor with dimensions of 15m x 7m x 7m with a weight of 178tns.

Jan Euwema: “The very limited space at the port of Tuapse created additional challenges. However, M-Star successfully delivered all the cargo in good condition and within the requested time”. M-Star’s scope of work included:

  • Chartering of Heavy Lift & Self-Geared Vessels
  • Special Road Transport from all over Europe
  • River Barge Transport from Central Europe to the port of Constanta
  • Purchase of Shipper-Owned Containers in Europe, Egypt and the USA
  • Intercontinental Container Transports & Crosstrades
  • Temporary Storage at Ports in the Netherlands and Romania
  • Port Handling and Export Customs Clearance
  • Lashing & Securing
  • Marine Survey
  • Export Packaging
  • Port Handling at Destination in Russia
  • Transshipment from Heavy Lift Vessels to RO/RO Barges

Furnace Project:
M-Star was contracted by yet another large EPC contractor to manage the logistics and delivery of a ‘Double Cell Ethylene Cracking Furnace’ to a petrochemical plant.

M-Star executed the freight management for the cargo (around 10,000mt in total) which originated at locations in China, Europe and India and was transported to Angarsk in the Irkutsk Oblast region of East Siberia, Russia.

Jan Euwema: “We were given a limited delivery time frame to make the extreme distance to East Siberia which was a challenge we successfully met and the cargo was delivered on time”. M-Star’s scope of work included:

  • Special Road Transport in China and Europe
  • Out-of-Gauge Russian Rail Transports
  • Purchase of Shipper-Owned Containers in China and Europe
  • Warehousing and Temporary Storage in China, Latvia, the Netherlands and Poland
  • Intercontinental Container Transport & Crosstrades
  • Export Customs Clearance & Permit Procedures
  • Port Handling
  • Lashing & Securing
  • Marine Survey
  • Export Packaging
  • Rail Transport from China to Russia
  • Transshipment of Heavy Lift Pieces & Containers at the China/Russia Border
  • Sea & Rail Transport from the Netherlands via Latvia & Poland to Irkutsk in Russia

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