MAC Collaborate with Nisshin Trans on 157 T Cylinder Shipment

MAC Logistic, a PCN representative in Brazil, were nominated by a large Brazilian Group to perform a door-to-door operation, including the discharge at client’s site, of a cylinder for the production of thick plates from Yokohama, Japan to Santos Port in Brazil. The cylinder weighed a total of 157 t with dimensions of 8.93 x 2.64 x 2.44 m.

In Japan, MAC and their fellow PCN Member Nisshin Trans were responsible for all land operations. It was decided that the best mode of transportation was an RO-RO vessel. Wallenius Lines were hired for sea transportation.

The cargo was moved to Yokohama Port by barge and a floating crane was used to trans-load the cylinder from the barge to the Wallenius Samson Trailer.

MAC paid key attention to the sling points of the cylinder, dunnage set on the trailer, lashing the cylinder on the trailer as well as lashing on-board the vessel.

For the final delivery trucking transportation, a special heavyweight truck was hired with an extendable semi-trailer (19 axles) to the final delivery location about 300 km from the port of discharge.

“With this successful project, MAC Logistic are proving to be a very experienced project cargo agent in Brazil.”

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