MAC Complete Door-to-Door Operations of 64tn Rotor

MAC Logistic International Group in Brazil have recently successfully completed the door-to-door operations of a 64tn rotor handled from China to Brazil.

The cargo was loaded at the Port of Shanghai and shipped to Santos Port and then onward to the final destination of Pindamonhangaba, where the customers plant is located. Two 40′ flat-rack containers were used as a bed and then loaded under deck with the process swiftly handled – the loading operation took less than 30 minutes and the lashing operation was finished in 2 hours.

Business Development Director at MAC, Paulo Gomes further explains; “The rotor was fully wrapped in woven sheets and protected with wooden crates on its cylinder sides and then mounted on 2 wooden cradles and secured to the cargo body with belts. It was secured by 24 pieces of double cord-lashing (MSL5MT) in a cross ‘olympic’ style in latitudinal with 12 pieces each side and 4 pieces of double cord-lashing (MSL5MT) in a ‘c-loop’ style at both ends in longitudinal with 2 pieces each end. All the lashing materials were padded and protected with cloths and corner protection at the contact surface where necessary”.

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