MAC Handle Shipping for Steel Mill Project in Brazil

Earlier this year, MAC Logistic International Group (PCN member in Brazil) completed the shipping of a complete ‘Casting Line’ for a steel mill. The cargo was loaded in Tianjin (China) and Hamburg (Germany) and delivered to Santos in Brazil.

In total, MAC handled 200 special containers (open-top & flat-rack) from both origins as well as a total of 2,500cbm of breakbulk cargo from China. Business Development Director, Paulo Gomes states; “Our customer is among the 3 best steel mills in Brazil and MAC Logistic was hired under door-to-door terms with full responsibility of operations under our control. After the planning stage, all documentation, packing lists, invoices and letter of credits were managed, controlled, corrected and approved by our customs broker team in accordance to Brazilian customs regulations.

MAC Logistic shipped all goods, from different countries and in multiple shipments, under one master invoice covering all services. We obtained customs clearance in advance at Brazilian customs, avoiding any extra port charges. We also shipped all goods in accordance with the schedule of assembly of the equipment with no extra demurrages or truck detentions. As the factory was around 300km from the discharge port, we arranged road permits in advance so we were ready to swiftly continue to transport”.

As a result of the hard work of the MAC team, all cargo was delivered on time with an extremely satisfied customer. MAC have once again completed a successful project cargo operation in good order.

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