Masstrans Proves Their Efficiency by Handling Transformers for Power Project

UAE members, Masstrans Freight are pleased to share details of a recently completed project for a substation. The cargo consisted of 3 transformers each weighing 67tns plus their accessories.

Assistant Manager of Project Logistics, Jithin Vijay says; “The 3 over-dimensional transformers plus accessories totalled 800frtns. Masstrans handled the post landed service in full including positioning the transformers on to the plinth.”

The scope of work handled by Masstrans included receiving the vessel under hook, route surveys, road permissions, transportation, all lifting by cranes, the positioning on a platform temporarily built for skidding the transformers up to the plinth at a distance of 55m and the final positioning on the plinth.

Masstrans successfully delivered their efficient services whilst adhering to the safety policies to the complete satisfaction to their client.

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