Megalift Transporting for Tanjung Bin Power Plant Since 2004

Megalift was the Turnkey Project Logistics Solutions provider for Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the Tanjung Bin Power Plant (2004-2006) and Phase 4 for the Power Plant in 2010.

Last month they were back in Tanjung Bin with a new transformer:

Cargo Dimensions Weight
Transformer 6.10 m (H) x 5.20 m (W) x 5.30 m (H) 265 t

“We arranged the freighting of this 265-ton cargo from India to Jurong Port, Singapore. In Jurong Port, we performed a double banking to discharge the cargo onto a barge from the vessel.”

The barge then sailed to Tanjung Bin Power Plant’s in-house jetty where Megalift rolled it off to transport the transformer to its final delivery point. This option was chosen as in-land transport was unfeasible due to the cargo’s weight.

At the site, Megalift also performed the jacking and skidding to move the transformer onto its foundation.

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