MIS with Transportation & Installation of Transformers in Oman

PCN members in Oman, Muscat International Shipping & Logistics LLC (MIS) have successfully completed the transportation and installation of 4 Voltamp 20mva transformers (approximately 40tns each) plus their accessories from Sohar to the Khasab RAECO Power Station.

The MIS team transported the 4 transformers in 4 low-beds with the accessories in 6 flat-beds and the cargo had to cross 3 international borders (between Oman and the UAE) to reach Khasab which was done within 24 hours of arriving at Sohar.

Installation was critical and MIS mobilised a 500tn and 25tn crane from Muscat. The offloading and assembly of the transformers was performed using the 500tn crane and they were in their foundations within 2 days. Each transformer also had 10 units of accessories which was installed with the 25tn crane.

The expertise of the MIS team resulted again in a successful operation and a happy client!

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