Offering High Quality Services in Argentina – Centauro

We are pleased to introduce Centauro as new PCN members in Argentina. The company were established in 1986 and have offices in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Cordoba and San Juan. Centauro are members of IATA, FMC, AACI and FIATA and employ 100+ staff.

Commercial Manager, Julieta Moroni states; “Centauro offers high quality services adding value to the foreign trade and transport supply chain. Our professional management and staff have a deep knowledge of the features of each region, producers, exporters and importers which allows us to design specialised services adapted to the specific requirements of each project or zone.

A dynamic system of continuous quality and improvement, information and communication technology investments and a close contact with our customers and agents make it possible for us to improve and adapt ourselves to the growing local and international demands. Our customer’s requirements guide our present and future actions.

Centauro has offices strategically located in the most developed exporter and importer regions of Argentina (Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza and San Juan) which position us amongst the leaders in multimodal services. Each of our offices specialises in the activity of its region and develops innovative logistic solutions via the most convenient entrance and exit routes for their foreign trade.

Argentina is investing heavily in the oil & gas and energy sectors and we look forward to working with the specialised PCN members”

Photographed in the full article is a recent time bound project shipment handled by Centauro from the UAE, China and the USA to Argentina. The shipment of a gas turbine generator consisting of 2,900cbm of out-of-gauge cargo was transported from the 3 locations to the site in Buenos Aires.

“Since the delivery time was short and in the absence of suitable conventional vessel availability, the entire shipment was converted for a container vessel which was loaded in 17 x 40′ flatracks, 15 x 40′ OT, 2 x 40 HC plus 2 breakbulk pieces (since these pieces were over 12m, a standard flatrack container was not suitable as the lifting holes of the flatrack container were covered by the cargo).

Centauro received the cargo at Buenos Aires port and after performing the customs clearance procedures, it was delivered to the customer’s site. As Argentina is investing heavily in improving its energy system, Centauro is participating in several similar special projects.”

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