OLA Groups Logistics Arrange Shipping of 10 Concrete Mixer Sets

OLA Groups Logistics have arranged the shipping of 10 sets of concrete mixers on 10 x 40’FR which are photographed above at the OLA Groups warehouse.

Each set had dimensions of 9.5 x 2.7 x 4.0m with a weight of 14,000kgs and they were shipped from Nansha Port by FCL service. Sarah Chen at OLA Groups Logistics comments; “For this shipment, the customer required the ETA before the Ramadan holidays but also because of Ramadan, all carrier space was tight and it was very hard to find room for 10 x 40FR. We negotiated with several carriers and due to our teams’ efforts and our good relationship, we successfully got the space to continue with the shipment.”

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.


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