Origin Logistics Handle Oversized Tanks from Turkey to Qatar

The Ankara branch of Origin Logistics (members in Turkey) recently handled a shipment of oversized tanks to Qatar.

The Origin Logistics team in Ankara got a slot agreement for one single hold of a container vessel with the tanks loaded as breakbulk.

  • Picked Up From: Sincan, Ankara, Turkey
  • Port of Loading : Asyaport, Turkey
  • Port of Discharge : Hamad, Qatar
  • Dimensions per Tank: 3.22 x 13.69 x 3.25m
  • Weight per Tank: 15tn

Each unit was loaded onto trucks at the factory in Ankara and delivered to Asyaport. Origin Logistics then carefully followed every stage of loading as well as the port operations. The lashing, securing and placing in the hold was completed with port cranes. On arrival in Qatar, the shipment was consigned to PCN member in the country, JSL Global.

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