O&S Shipping Handle Transport of 500tn Super Yacht

Members in Malta, O&S Shipping are proud to share details of a project to handle the transport of a 500tn super yacht.

The 95m yacht (53rd longest n the world) needed to be transported quickly from Malta to Cartagena in Spain and O&S successfully organised the vessel, port agency, logistics and all coordination for the project.

Managing Director at O&S, Kurt Camilleri explains; “The entire operation had to be planned in one week and in this case, the yacht couldn’t sail on its own power at all so after considering several options, we used the services of the impressive yacht-carrying vessel, the Super Servant 4, a semi-submersible vessel dedicated to yacht relocation around the world.”

After careful planning, the yacht was loaded and secured into position on the Super Servant 4 and was ready for transportation. Kurt: “The mission was further complicated by strong winds and usually a yacht-transfer of this size would be carried out at an assigned anchorage area, however the wind did not permit such an operation. Due to these circumstances, we had to convince the authorities to allow the operation within Valletta Port with a thorough risk assessment. Another issue was the sea depth in the port and we had to ensure we picked a deeper spot within the port for the operations.”

An exciting project smoothly and expertly handled by O&S Shipping!

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