PCN Exceeds 300 Members for the First Time in its History

Project Cargo Network – one of the world’s largest global organisations dedicated to heavy lift and project cargo specialists – announced today that its membership has exceeded 300 Members for the first time in its history.

The milestone comes after the company launched a new Virtual Meeting Hub and announced its 11th Annual Summit, which will be held from 27-29 November 2022 in Dubai.

One of the policies that differentiates PCN from its competitors is their capped membership policy.

Recruitment Director, Sam Wilcox, explains “Many forwarder networks are non-exclusive which means they will allow unlimited companies in each country. At PCN we feel that it is important not to become over-populated as familiarity is then lost. We cap our membership at 5 Members per country to give our Members the chance to find a compatible partner for each individual project but to stop our organisation from being saturated by an unlimited number of companies.”

PCN has representation in over 120 countries and offers many membership benefits including professional online training, which was a Finalist in HLPFI’s “Training of the Year”Award and has so far been used by over 400 people in more than 80 countries.

The organisation also holds free online webinars, the most recent was presented by industry expert, Marco J. van Daal, who has over 20 years’ experience and is author of the heavy transport textbook The Art of Heavy Transport, in addition to being a contributing member of the European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes. The next webinar takes place in September 2022.

“We are thrilled to have so many companies finding a professional and friendly home at PCN,” said Rachel Crawford, PCN President/C.E.O. “Our continued growth means that our meetings, both Virtual and Face-to-Face, provide huge opportunities for our Members to meet large numbers of potential partners. Building relationships is our priority and we never cease to be impressed with our Member’s skills, talent, and knowledge, as proudly displayed in our free bi-monthly Digital Newsletter and projectcargoblog.com.”

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