Polaris Awarded Contract of Automobiles & Construction Shipment

Polaris Shipping Agencies, our Members in the United Arab Emirates, were recently awarded a contract for a shipment of various automobiles & construction equipment from China to Port Jebel Ali.

The cargo consisted of RORO and static units which had a strict delivery deadline due to an auction being held during the third week of June 2022 in Jebel Ali. The shipment totaled roughly 14,500 FRT in weight.

“As we are aware, due to the severe COVID-19 outbreak in China, there was a total shut-down and most offices were not operating which made it difficult for our partners to ship the equipment on-time. However, with the cooperation of all parties, the shipment was able to be connected from different Chinese ports evaluating the transit time of each available sailing options and space availability.”

On arrival and immediately on discharge of this shipment at Port Jebel Ali, necessary permissions were obtained from the DPA for inspection of each unit in-line with Polaris’ “Standard Operational Procedures” and quality requirements were established to verify for any damages whilst at sea, and also for the identification details of each unit such as engine number, chassis number etc.

“The complete shipment was cleared through customs in record time, delivered to the consignee round the clock to the full satisfaction of our customer in China as well as in the United Arab Emirates.”

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