Polaris with Door-to-Door Handling of OOG Cargo

Members in the UAE, Polaris Shipping Agencies have successfully completed the handling of a gas turbine part (M701F Rotor) from the supplier’s yard in Azerbaijan to Musaffah in the UAE on a door-to-door basis.

The OOG unit had dimensions of 12.10 x 4.11 x 3.65m (105mt) and was moved by road on suitable heavy duty low-beds with escorts from Azerbaijan to Port Iskenderun in Turkey where it was shipped on a heavy lift vessel to Jebel Ali Port in the UAE.

On arrival at Jebel Ali, the Polaris project team received the OOG unit on suitable trailers and placed it on temporary supports waiting for the completion of customs formalities. Although a detailed route survey and study was carried out at the time of accepting the shipment, a final survey was submitted and the green light was given by all concerned parties before delivery to the final destination, arranged on a suitable conventional modular trailer with required escorts.

A successfully and reliably handled shipment by Polaris Shipping Agencies!

“Polaris has also established road and rail possibilities for project shipments through Poti and also has reliable transit arrangements via Turkish ports – both by sea and road. If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact Mr. Rajesh Damodaran (BDM) on rajesh@polarisdubai.com / + 971 4 8832586.”

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