Polaris Shipping Transport Portable Kitchen to Libya

Polaris Shipping, our Members from the United Arab Emirates, were recently awarded a contract for the pre-carriage and FOB operation of a portable kitchen with dining facility from a factory in Oman, which consisted of 4 portable cabins, and was transported to Libya.

Considering the OOG nature of the cargo, the shipment was carefully moved from the suppliers in Oman to Jebel Ali by road, and stored at Polaris’ customs bonded storage facility inside the Jebel Ali Free Zone to await further transport by vessel.

The cargo was then booked for Jebel Ali/Libya with one of the prime container carriers considering their weekly sailings, due to which all units were lashed and secured to required flat racks & flat beds on-board the vessel within the strictly permitted operational window by the carriers.

The entire operation was carried out under strict supervision of our HSEQ personnel to ensure that the time sensitive cargo with a strict arrival deadline did not encounter any delays in transit and arrived at the destination within the agreed delivery schedule.

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