PrimoCargo Again Nominated to Handle Large-Bore Diesel Engines

The world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines and turbo machinery has nominated PrimoCargo in Germany to handle their cargo once again.

PrimoCargo, an international freight forwarding company specialised in project cargo and heavy transport have again shipped 5 huge large-bore diesel engines (a total of over 1,500frt).

Philipp-Christopher ‘Ebbo’ Schopnie (General Manager at PrimoCargo): “Last month, we arranged the transport from Heilbronn in Germany on FOB terms by river barge via the Rhine River and the Ijsselmeer in the Netherlands to Papenburg (Germany) delivered on DAP terms. After a transit time of 6 days, the engines arrived at their final destination – a shipyard in Germany for a new shipbuilding project”.

The 5 engines had a single unit weight 242tns and dimensions of 11.55 x 4.85 x 5.85m.

PrimoCargo has proven again they are a reliable and trustful logistics partner to the heavy industry in Germany!

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