PrimoCargo Proceeds with Next Shipment to Sohar for MAN Diesel & Turbo

German PCN members based in Hamburg, PrimoCargo have continued their next transport to Sohar in Oman for MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG.

Antonia Tönnies (Project Manager at PrimoCargo) explains; “This is the 6th lot we have handled for this project and due to this experience, the process always runs smoothly. We have built up structures and can react with flexibility if events change at short notice.”

Another part of this project involves cargo being delivered FOB from Antwerp. If time is limited or capacities are low at the supplier’s premises, PrimoCargo also offers their services for industrial packaging. Antonia continues; “We can provide high quality industrial packaging wherever needed and if our client wants a wooden box but still requires the option to look inside, we of course will offer this possibility.”

Axel Kaufmann, Senior Sales Manager at PrimoCargo, concludes; “We are now awaiting the next lot of shipments to Sohar that will continue in February”.

PrimoCargo have been providing logistics services for some of the leading European manufacturers for 20+ years.

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