Realco Cooperate with Tera Shipping for Project Shipment

Realco Logistics, our members from Taiwan, recently coordinated the movement of a forging press and its accessories from Kaohsiung to Chennai, India, with the aid of fellow PCN member Tera Projects.

A total of three packages made up this shipment for Realco, with the forging press as the main commodity.

The press featured dimensions of 5.94 (L) x 3.85 (W) x 3.23 (H) meters with the accessories measured at 5.52 (L) x 2.48 (W) x 2.35 (H) meters.

Tera Projects were involved in a scope of services upon the arrival of the transporting vessel at its destination in India.

The range of services entailed in this shipment included:

  • Inspection
  • Packing, lashing and skidding
  • Transportation & delivery
  • Under hook cargo acceptance
  • Customs clearance

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