Scandinavian Express Complete 2nd Year of Construction Contract

Scandinavian Express have completed the second year of exclusive logistics services for concrete prefabricated elements deliveries to construction sites throughout Sweden.

Under the contract, Scandinavian Express has not only provided transportation services, but entire logistics planning and coordination processes integrated with the producer’s procedures. The projects involved a wide range of fleet types including standard semi-trailers, mega trailers, flatbed platform trailers, tele-extendable trailers and in-loaders.

A lot of investments were involved in order to accomplish the contract including investing in in-loaders, new special trailers which are adjusted to transport concrete walls of up to 4.2m in height.

Projects and Marketing Director, Michal Trojanowski concludes; “Compering year-to-year, in 2017, we had to deal with significantly increased volumes of loads to deliver – all of them as a ‘just-in-time’ requirement. Taking into consideration the 2018 forecast of a further increase in building demand (especially the housing sector in Sweden), it seems like investments in the partnership with a building branch in Scandinavia was a good choice!”

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