Star Shipping Busy Carrying Project Cargo from Port Qasim

Star Shipping Pakistan have finished the project movement of a compressor and cooler, with their accessories, from Port Qasim to the Daharki project site.

  • Loading Port: Houston, USA
  • Discharging Port: Port Qasim, Pakistan
  • Final Site Delivery: Daharki, Sindh
  • Compressor: 18.00 x 5.18 x 5.44m / 50tn
  • Cooler: 14.32 x 2.44 x 2.74m / 30tn

M. Kamran at Star Shipping says; “Multi-axles and multiple low-beds and flat-beds along with a heavy-duty mobile hydraulic crane were utilised to lift this project. There were a few challenges in transit including obtaining the road permissions, wildlife and dry weather but the job was done successfully and the cargo delivered in a safe and sound condition with our operations team and all the other workforce also remaining safe.”

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