Star Shipping Pakistan Operating a Wide Range of Trailers

Pakistan members, Star Shipping are pleased to report they have expanded the types of trailers they are operating nationwide for their valued clients.

Their capabilities include the following:

  • 34-Wheeler Low-Bed with Capacity of 150tn: 3 Trailers
  • 26-Wheeler Low-Bed with Capacity of 120tn: 2 Trailers
  • 22-Wheeler Low-Bed with Capacity of 60-70tn: 30 Trailers
  • 18-Wheeler Low-Bed with Capacity of 50-55tn: 15 Trailers
  • 14-Wheeler Low-Bed with Capacity of 30-35tn: 8 Trailers
  • 10-Wheeler Low-Bed with Capacity of 25-30tn: 5 trailers
  • 50ft, 60ft, 70ft & 80ft High-Beds
  • Flat-Beds

M. Kamran comments; “Star Shipping is a team of specialists who provide comprehensive logistics service for heavy and spatial loads. Design forwarding is the most demanding branch of logistics and we are dedicated to offer transport to the construction, industrial, metal and production industries. We save the capital of our business partners by providing them the highest quality logistics services.”

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.

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