Star Shipping Pakistan with Survey of OOG Girders in Karachi

At the beginning of August, Star Shipping Pakistan carried out the professional inspection and cargo survey of 10 OOG girders ranging from 24m to 29m long.

Due to their reliability and experience in the field, one of their clients gave Star Shipping the technical task of surveying a breakbulk shipment comprising of long steel structure units at Karachi Port in Pakistan, destined to be delivered to the Karachi Shipyard.

There were a total of 32 pieces in the shipment including the 10 oversized and heavy girders. The shipment totalled 2,458.7frt and was discharged and received under hook at Karachi Port.

Muhammad Kamran at Star Shipping concludes; “The hook-hook receiving of whole shipment was carried out in monsoon season but luckily there was no heavy rainfall during the operations and the whole process ran smoothly with no issues. We are optimistic and grateful for this achievement and believe it will prove as a token of prosperity and success in our logistics & project handling consultancy.”

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