Tera Projects Handles Factory Relocation in Malaysia

Members in Malaysia, Tera Projects & Shipping have recently handled the dismantling of a manufacturing machine and its relocation to a new factory.

The manufacturing machine and all its connecting parts and accessories was dismantled in a factory in Kapar in Selangor and all parts were then delivered to the client’s new factory, 15km away from the old one. The total gross weight of the machine plus parts totalled 60,000tns.

Tera deployed a low-loader trailer and multi-axle trailer for the transportation of the parts and utilised two 45tn cranes for lifting and loading. Brian Foong (Assistant Manager) describes the project; “As the client’s new factory is located in a rural area and in order to avoid huge obstacles when travelling through main roads, we decided to use village roads. This meant we faced the hurdle of power and communication cables to pass. Due to the over-dimensional shape and height of the cargo as well as the poorly maintained electrical cables not being fixed in proper positions, this was not an easy task. We used approved equipment to lift all the cables, but this was also made difficult as some of the roads were not in a good condition. However, we still managed to avoid any unexpected problems or delays during the journey thanks to the innovative ideas and support of our experienced drivers and escort team.”

Successful and innovative solutions from Tera Projects & Shipping!

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