Tera Shipping deliver tanker from Ipoh to Johor

Tera Projects were assigned to a transportation job which involved the collection of a tank & its connecting parts from a client’s workshop in Ipoh, Perak, before delivering to Johor Bahru. The dimensions of the tank measured to 9.77 x 4.73 x 4.8 m and it weighed a total of 86 T.

Tera Projects deployed a vessel bridge trailer due to the over-dimensional shape and weight of the cargo, and prepared well in advance to avoid any hindrances along the journey. Their responsibilities in this area included:

  • Detailed route analysis
  • Planning of the route
  • Checking of highway tolls prior to travel

“We faced some challenges during entering and exiting our client’s workshop as the road and the gate was too small and narrow, but we overcame this without losing time or damaging our client’s belongings with the experience and skill of our project management team. We managed to deliver within time by utilizing the shortest local roadways to reach our destination.”

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