The Bengal Electric Ltd Build 1,000tn Capacity Mega Floating Crane

The Bengal Electric Ltd in Bangladesh are pleased to announce they are close to finishing the construction of a 1,000tn capacity mega floating crane. The crane will measure 260ft in length, 66ft wide and 15ft from the water level. It is being constructed using the most advanced technology with each material specially selected so that it can withstand temperatures of between -30°c and 55°c. The crane is also equipped with all the necessary safety gear with LMI and advanced computerised load weighing software.

Deputy Managing Director at Bengal Electric, Mr. Mottakin Salam states; “Our new 1,000tn capacity mega floating crane is now in the final stages of assembly and will be amongst the biggest in the region. We are proud and honoured to build this crane which will be an asset not only for our company, but for the whole nation of Bangladesh.

It has taken 10 years of hard work to build this mega crane which is not available in many countries in Asia and we look forward to expanding into the international arena and becoming a major player for these countries. The crane is half the size of a football field and can accommodate crews of 30-40 with modern facilities and amenities.”

The whole FEA analysis & drawing was prepared by Mr. Mottakin Salam whilst the crane boom was designed by Bengal Electric Chairman & CEO, Mr. Abdus Salam – both Bengal Directors are expert engineers. The crane should be ready for use by July 2016 and a prototype photograph can be viewed above.

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