Turk Heavy Transport Complete Transformer Move to Zallaq

Turk Logistics and Heavy Transport managed to safely receive three units of a large transformer from vessel hook, which was then transferred to a temporary port lay-down area and jacked down on stool support.

The cargo featured dimensions of 9.4 x 3.4 x 4.80 m with a gross weight of 142 T each.

Turk Heavy Transport & Turk Logistics have an ongoing collaboration to move forward and execute the following:

  1. Customs clearance and others permit(s) applications
  2. Barging from KBS to MEJ, Ras Zuwayed in partnership with Al Jazeera shipping
  3. Transportation from Ras Zuwayed to Zallaq Substation
  4. Grounding & Installation

A spokesperson from Turk Logistics had this to say:

“May our jobs have continued doing it safely and successfully. Thank you and advance congratulations to our team OPS/LOGISTICS/HEAVYLIFTS/WORKSHOPS.”

Turk Logistics and Heavy Transport – your reliable, professional partner for projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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