Turk Heavy Transport Handle 8 Transformers as Part of Ongoing Project

Turk Heavy Transport have been continuously involved in an ongoing project of Hyundai Heavy Industries for the Electricity and Water Authority in Bahrain.

They have provided complete port-to-door logistics solutions including barge & road permissions, escort arrangements as well as road-works along the route to make the passage of trucks possible. The cargo consisted of a total of 8 transformers with different capacities, the biggest being 3 x 200tn (400kva).

All of the transformers were received on a 4 file Nicolas hydraulic low-bed at KBS Port in Bahrain before being placed in temporary storage. At a later date, the transformers were reloaded onto a barge (RO/RO) and shipped to a private Jetty where they were offloaded and transported to their final destination. To complete the operations, a total of 4 trips of RO/RO barge were required and the unloading operations at the site were performed using a jack-and-skidding system.

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