Turk Heavy Transport Handle Load for ALBA Power Station 5

Another record for Turk Heavy Transport as they handle the move of an unusual load for ALBA Power Station 5 – weighing in at a total of 224 tons (trailer + load).

This time, Turk Heavy increased their capabilities by adding more axles lines (from 24 to 36 axles) to serve the requirement of their client.

The SPMT configured in 18 + 18 side by side with the total length of 25.2 meters, width of 5.33 meters, height of 1.5 meters and a weight of 144 tons.

The steel structure (spool unit) was successfully delivered to the ALBA project site from GAMA Laydown on 02/03/19.

The cargo delivered for the project featured dimensions of 31.0 x 8.4 x 5.5 meters and weighed 80 tons.

A spokesperson from Turk Logistics had this to say:

“Thanks to our team and congratulations to all involved! This kind of movement will happen again in 3-4 weeks serving the same client.”

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