UPCARGO Export 39 Dismantled Pieces for Thermoelectric Plant

UPCARGO, our Members from Panama, have been consigned to export various pieces of cargo for a thermoelectric plant that they previously helped dismantle.

Following their last project, the company that UPCARGO worked with decided to hire them once again to transport engines, transformers, and CO2 cells.

This proved to be both a opportunity and challenge of great magnitude, but UPCARGO trusted their collaborators and the experience of their staff to pull it off.

The project began with finding a way to transport the 39 pieces that they already dismantled. UPCARGO decided upon a barge to transport the 39 pieces and after deliberating on many options, they found the perfect one for this project. On top of this, an 800 ton crane service was rented to load the barge.

Furthermore, 39 trucks were rented and the logistics of all were coordinated to move the cargo piece-by-piece whilst the crane loaded them onto the barge as scheduled.

UPCARGO covered an array of services for this project including route inspection, study of route diagrams, heavy lifting of cargo studies, prior coordination and preventative logistics.

The steps for this operation to be carried out were as follows:

  1. Customs clearance and procedures
  2. Barge service
  3. Coordination with the barge
  4. Crane service to load the cargo into the barge
  5. Logistics mobilization of the engines, transformers, cells, CO2 rooms from the depot to the port
  6. Coordination with the two warehouses where the equipment’s were storage
  7. Mobilization parts of the cargo to the port
  8. Barge loading
  9. Coordination with the welder service
  10. Coordination with surveyors

When finished with the arduous labor of loading, UPCARGO worked with a welder to ensure the lashing of the cargo and rented the service of the surveyor to have the certification of lashing.

“Our team operated for 32 continuous hours of work during this project without any incidents or accidents.”

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