Upcargo in Panama Showcase their HAZMAT Handling

Panama members, Upcargo have provided integral logistics services for HAZMAT handling including storage control and inventory of raw material for big bags of Ammonium Nitrate High Density (5.1D), the transportation and import/export services for Centra Control (1.5D), Senatel Magnafrac Emulsion (1.1D), Subtek Deep (1.5D), Fortis (1.5D) and Sodium Nitrate (5.1D) and the rental of special equipment for the proper and safe handling of the hazardous material.


  • Ensuring the adequacy of the warehouse with all the necessary measures for the management of HDAN.
  • Special stowage for the big bags.
  • Correct handling of the load with special EPP.
  • Night operations for the reception of charters and the storage of cargo.
  • FIFO application.
  • Keep any source of combustion away and constant ventilation.


  • Correct stowage, lashing and protection of big bags on the bed trailer.
  • Restricted traffic schedules on highway for customer deliveries.
  • Port deadlines, police escorts, compiling with authorities permits, ensuring no mechanical damage, avoiding risks on the road and convoy control.

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