W.I.S. handle heavy Boiler Shipment from Italy to Kazakhstan


This summer has proved a challenging one for W.I.S. as they come out having succeeded in some of the heaviest and shipments in their company’s history.

From Porto Marghera, Venice, W.I.S. dealt with the delivery of 3 Boilers (2945 x 1560 x 1125 cm, 622,000 kg) and the installation of grillage – L/S/D and welding included.

Their responsibilities on-site included:

  • Site visits
  • Route survey analysis
  • Client/company coordination
  • Pre-phase and operational reporting on all engineering activities

The shipment was loaded by means of 2×22 axles SPMT.

“Activities during this process included EXW pre-engineering works for all operations, including but not limited to: production of transport plans, progress reports, supervision and inspection of equipment, transportation arrangements, lifting, lashing & securing plans and all associated calculations and design.”

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