Waiver Logistics Chile are Delivering… No Matter What, or Where

Waiver Logistics Chile are located in the capital, Santiago, and they are capable of handling any type of cargo, anywhere in the country.

Project Cargo Manager, Juan M. Estay states; “From large in-transit equipment arriving in Arica and intended for Bolivia (meaning desert terrains), to as far south as Chile Chico and the Antarctic, we have successfully completed several significant challenges. These projects constantly remind us of the importance of solid pre-planning and adjusting our solutions to the ever-changing weather conditions. We are proud to offer solid local experience along with our personal involvement in every step of the way.”

In addition, as part of Waiver South America, we are also able to offer our combined expertise in major sporting events such as F1 racing as well as handling large temporary exhibits throughout Chile.”

Waiver Chile are also proud to announce the arrival of Alicia Mayer as their new General Manager. Alicia brings over 20 years of experience in large exhibits and fairs including the FIDAE Air Show. You can contact Alicia on alicia.mayer@waiverlog.com.

Waiver Logistics Chile – We deliver… No matter what, or where!

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