Wilhelmsen Ships Service Add Senegal to PCN Representation

We are pleased to announce Wilhelmsen Ships Service have added their Senegal office to the PCN network. The company are already members in Algeria, Iraq, Oman and the UAE. Wilhelmsen Ships Service is a family-owned company with a rich 155-year maritime history of providing maritime related services, transportation and logistics solutions.

Senegal General Manager, Thiecoura Diambo: “We offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of services in four distinct business areas: Maritime Logistics; Ships Agency; Technical Services; and Marine Products. Wilhelmsen Ships Service have been granted ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and we are dedicated to consistently delivering the highest quality services and products.

We offer an ‘around-the-clock’ service and our trustworthy and dependable professional staff have an in-depth knowledge and extensive industry experience coupled with cutting-edge customer service and technical expertise.”

The photo above shows a recent complex logistics project to Timbuktu (Mali) handled by Wilhelmsen Ships Service in Senegal. The cargo totalled over 3,000frt of aid & military goods with door-to-door delivery including containers, rolling stock and general cargo.

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