Wirtz Reports Shipment of 4 Historical Rail Wagons

Wirtz Shipping are pleased to report a shipment of 4 historical rail wagons handled earlier this month to Singapore.

Wirtz organised the transfer from the barge & trucks to railed 72′ MAFIs and the booking with Eukor / Wallenius for the shipping on MS. Tiger. Didier Wirtz (Managing Director) comments; “Due to difficulty in obtaining road permits, careful planning was necessary to catch a vessel with large enough doors. The most impressive part was pulling the locomotive from the railed truck onto the railed MAFI and a movie is currently being made about the shipment from the departure at the museum in France to the delivery in Singapore. The wagons are being used for an exposition in Singapore starting in early December.”

  • Locomotive at 53,500kg / 1090 x 290 x 422cm
  • Tender at 25,000kg / 810 x 290 x 330cm
  • Fourgon Car at 40,500kg / 2100 x 285 x 415cm
  • Pullman Car at 53,000kg / 2345 x 290 x 422cm

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