ABL & MGL Cargo Cooperate on Cancer Treatment Installation

ABL DISSACO and MGL Cargo Services, fellow PCN Members from Belgium and Egypt, are pleased to report the safe and successful delivery of a cancer treatment installation which they collaborated on.

After more than two years of preparation, the two companies securely transported a cancer treatment installation to the Cari Children Hospital in Cairo. The delivery was completed door-to-door.

“This special type of installation is the first of its kind in the African continent!”

The main elements of this consignment consisted of the following:

  • GCTR measuring 9.95 (L) x 4.98 (W) x 4.00 (H) meters (101 T)
  • S2C2 Cyclo measuring 4.00 (L) x 3.60 (W) x 3.02 (H) meters (60 T)
  • Counterweight measuring 4.10 (L) x 1.90 (W) x 3.56 (H) meters (33 T)
  • 10 x 40′ HC shipper’s owned containers with parts
  • 40’ FR shipper’s OOW

Many internal and external meetings were held, gathering all involved parties from the manufacturer up to the final buyer, to point out the major obstacles that could obstruct such a delicate movement.

“We would like to thank all our stakeholders in Belgium and in Egypt who have participated in this project for their enthusiasm & support to make it a concrete success.”

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