ACS Logistics Transport Long Railway Track to Hong Kong

ACS Logistics, our Members from Austria, recently handled an awkward piece of cargo which was transported by air to Hong Kong.

The commodity involved was a 27 meter-long railway track and occupied 9 pallet positions!

Cargo Height (m) Width (m) Length (m) Weight (kg)
Railway Track 27 1.27 0.55 9,040

The route map planning saw the cargo travelling from Linz, Austria to Luxembourg Airport (800km) via extendable truck with an escort vehicle. It then travelled from Luxembourg to Hong Kong with the airline Cargolux in a Boeing 747-8.

After landing in Hong Kong, the railway track was moved to its destination on a jobsite in Hong Kong city by an extendable truck and an escort.

ACS Logistics faced challenges with this shipment including the safe, secure transportation planning of an awkwardly long crate, as well as receiving the necessary permits to deliver on-time at origin and destination and to keep timings aligned timing with all parties involved.

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