Al Bader Shipping Sets New RORO Record in Kuwait

In March, Al Bader Shipping successfully completed a massive loading. The shipment consisted of 1,500 vehicles of various models from Kuwait to Iraq in one lot. The total weight reached 2,684,236kg and a volume of 21,811cbm.

Services Manager of the Business & Projects Development Division at Al Bader, Vipin Rajan says; “The 1,500 vehicles in one lot is a record in Kuwait’s shipping history! After extensive analysis, we arranged a suitable RORO vessel which enabled the shipping of the cargo as one lot. Optimal use of time and the extensive planning also ensured the loading of all units within two days including all business formalities and customs clearance.”

Vipin also explained that the partial lockdown of Kuwait due to COVID-19 had affected the regular working hours of the authorities. However, Al Bader’s trustworthy connections and networking along with their brand reputation enabled them to acquire the necessary approval and permissions for storage and clearance of this large quantity of units.

High-quality delivery, effective documentation, and optimum planning ensured once again that Al Bader Shipping is as reliable as ever, regardless of the circumstances.

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