Blue Bell Shipping Handle 1st Shipment for Project in North Iraq

The project team at Blue Bell Shipping have just completed their first shipment for a new, on-going project in North Iraq.

This shipment featured the delivery of sixty-two fibre spar spools shipped across thirty-one, 40-ft flat racks. Each spool was measured at 5.65m (L) x 5.65m (W) x 2.50m (H) and weighed 14 MT.

Blue Bell’s scope of work included full door-to-door service. The cargo was collected from Saudi Arabia and shipped to Mersin, Turkiye as ocean freight before being trucked from Turkiye to the remote site in North Iraq.

Unfortunately, the shipment arrived at Mersin during the disastrous earthquake which shook the region, which resulted in many challenges including both port and road closures as well as having to relocate the cargo on short notice to reduce the risk of damage and detention.

“Fortunately, our team was able to overcome these hurdles and deliver the cargo to its destination successfully and on-time.”

This is the first shipment of many for this new project where Blue Bell Shipping hopes to continue delivering cargo, overcoming challenges and building a reputation for excellent service.

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