C.H. Robinson Complete Multimodal Shipment

The experts at C.H. Robinson recently undertook a project to arrange the shipping of two screening machines from Europe to Canada. The largest piece measured 11.20 x 5.35 x 4.70m and weighed 80mtn.

The cargo was loaded onto an ocean vessel at the Port of Antwerp using the ship’s cranes and safely secured by chains in the vessel hold. After 36 days on the water, the ship arrived at the Port of Houston and the pieces were unloaded and onto truck trailers for the road transportation. Step deck trailers were used in order to ensure clearance throughout the journey.

24 days and 3,800km later, the pieces arrived at the site in Fort McMurray in Alberta. The largest load on the road measured 42.5 x 5.5 x 5.3m and weighed 140.6mtn.

C.H. Robinson’s suite of services helped make this multimodal project possible with a 30% saving for the client from what was originally quoted. The cargo arrived safely and on time as usual.

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