C.H. Robinson Helps Transport Air Heaters to Canada

After being asked to help transport two air heaters to Canada, the project logistics experts at C.H. Robinson were onsite at the Port of Houston to receive the cargo with each unit measuring 12.00 x 4.50 x 4.97m and weighing 36.6mtn.

Due to the short notice between the readiness of goods and the green light to proceed, C.H. Robinson’s operators worked feverishly to arrange the required permits at origin for delivery for the over-dimensional cargo. Once the cargo arrived in North America, police escorts were utilised to help with various utilities along the 1,600km route from the Port of Houston to the delivery site in Manitoba, Canada.

C.H. Robinson’s team of experts oversaw unloading from the ocean vessel, securing onto trailers, acquiring permits and the cross-border transport between the USA and Canada. The entire project took six months from initial planning to delivery with a total volume for the whole shipment at 1,503cbm and 118mtn.

Fully satisfied with the service, the customer awarded C.H. Robinson with additional cargo which required their reliable suite of services including transportation by ocean, coaster vessels, barges and trucks.

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