C.H. Robinson Project Logistics Show their Problem-Solving Skills

C.H. Robinson Project Logistics are pleased to report a recent project showing their problem-solving, communication skills and connections to keep an oversize move on track.

“An Ontario-based skincare products company approached C.H. Robinson looking to transport two emulsifying kettle packages from a supplier in China to their manufacturing plant in Etobicoke, Ontario. The customer’s supplier was responsible for shipping from China to Vancouver Port on a 40′ flat rack container.

Kettle height eliminated truck transport options
Upon arrival at the Vancouver Vanterm Terminal, the kettles were too tall to be transported by truck. At 4.65m high, the kettles could only move a few meters beyond the terminal before encountering overhead obstacles. When the height problem was discovered our team used established relationships and worked to determine if rail shipping was feasible. C.H. Robinson then successfully located a rail siding immediately adjacent to the Vanterm terminal. This meant the flat rack could be destuffed and transferred to a specialized rail car, allowing the kettles to continue their journey.

The rail solution, which included transportation to siding, destuffing, loading, securement, rail transport, offloading, cleaning, and delivery, was immediately accepted by the customer. C.H. Robinson also arranged payment for detention charges and port storage charges, so the kettles could be removed from the terminal without delay.

Damage to securing frames eliminated rail as an option
However, during the destuffing process, the team discovered that the supporting metal frames which were securing the kettles had been compromised due to exposure to the elements, making them unsuitable for transport. Without the frames, the kettles could not be transported by rail. The empty flat-rack was returned to the terminal and the kettles were secured to a trailer for temporary storage.

All involved parties scheduled a meeting at the customer’s offices to determine an alternative transportation option. Together, it was decided to remove the damaged frames, which reduced the height of the kettles sufficiently to travel by truck on a low profile trailer. C.H. Robinson then arranged to shrink wrap the kettles to protect them during the road transport to Etobicoke. The kettles were successfully loaded and resumed their journey again. Unfortunately, another critical issue arose!

Kettle height gets in the way of delivery again
Just prior to arrival at the manufacturing plant, the client realised the height of the kettles posed one more problem. They were too tall to fit through the facility’s receiving doors. Expanding the door height was not an option without potentially contaminating the company’s skincare products. Ultimately, C.H. Robinson worked with a subcontractor to remove the kettle lids so they would fit in the doors for delivery and installation.”

“Despite several challenges throughout the shipping process, the customer received their equipment safely and without damage thanks to C.H. Robinson’s network of experts who were eager and available to solve whatever problem arose — no matter where or when they occurred.”

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